Special Awning Brackets

Installing awnings with custom made special brackets

Our awnings with custom made special brackets, bungalow brackets, gallows or gutter brackets, allow professional awning installation to special situations. Made to order, to fit our particular awning models, at Elegant we can manufacture a wide range of fixing solutions all bespoke engineered to fit your situation perfectly.

We thought our wall too short and the top bricks looked weak, but Elegant made load-spreading gutter brackets

Bungalow Gutter Brackets

Also known as awning gallows brackets or bungalow brackets, these custom made special gutter brackets allow an awning to be installed to single storey walls lacking height or sufficient mounting space above the windows.

Custom made bungalow brackets provide awning mounting space where this wall could not.
Without gutter gallows brackets this awning would have been too low, catching the door.
When fully extended, the awning front bar is still above head height, thanks to special brackets.
Our brackets are designed to spread the load down multiple bricks, avoiding weak top courses.
Where available space was a little tight above these doors we now achieve recommended height.
Custom gallows brackets improve mounting height affording a better rain pitch angle here.
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Cladding Brackets

Custom made special brackets for awnings over wooden cladding or tiled fascias, fixing an awning to recommended height without dismantling or tampering with the clad.

Providing strong support from the brickwork wall below without tampering with any clad.
Special brackets place this awning at good height across a tiled house wall.
Special brackets allow this awning installed without drilling or crushing any wood.
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Stand-Off Brackets

Elegant awnings with special stand-off brackets can fix across pipes, work with wall features such as decorative timbers, or span obstacles including juliet balconies.

Providing a fixing point proud of wall features.
Appropriate brackets according to specific awning.
Awning appears to be on the timbers, but is not.
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Free-Standing Brackets

Elegant free-standing "goal post" awning frames provide a strong awning fix away from your wall. These extra large special brackets are ideal for buildings with light-weight construction, or for free-standing awnings away from your wall entirely.

Our sturdy steel frame is fabricated for assembly on-site, its legs to be concreted into the ground.
Once erected it offers fixing points, pre-welded at appropriate points, specific to the model of awning.
When the concrete footing has set hard the patio awning can be mounted and extended.
Free standing frames, or "goal post" frames, can provide strong awning support where a house wall cannot.
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• Popular Awnings on Brackets •

Moderna Patio Awning

Moderna Patio Awning

Moderna electric patio awnings combine compact design with sturdy durability. Strong folding arms can withstand gusts of wind, arms fully adjustable to an impressive 70 degree pitch angle. Slim in profile, cassette just 14cm in height, this quality awning looks stylishly compact either direct to the wall or on special bungalow brackets.

Featuring forged arm joints, for lasting durable strength, plus chain arm tensioning and all metal construction, the Moderna covers all popular large sizes with a premium specification and quality finish.

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Dimension + Specification Awning Widths: 350cm - 600cm
Outward Depths: 300cm - 350cm
Tilt Angle: 5° - 70°
Wind Resistance: *Class 3
Fabric Roll Protection: Cassette
Case Dimensions: h14cm / d26cm
Fixing Points: End Fix
Remote Control: Yes
Frame Colour Choice: Yes
Available Fabrics: 150 high quality

*depending on size

Fusion 250 Awning

Suitable for special brackets or for wall fixing, our Fusion electric awnings offer substantial 6m wide shade (with a 2m outward projection) or 2.5m outward reach up to a maxium 5.5m width.

Boasting the same premium built arms as our Moderna awning above, including chain tension and strong joints, its compact cassette casing (just 15cm deep) fully protects your fabric roll and motor housed inside.

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Fusion 250 Electric Awning
Dimension + Specification Awning Widths: 250cm - 600cm
Outward Depths: 150cm - 250cm
Tilt Angle: 5° - 25°
Wind Resistance: *Class 3
Fabric Roll Protection: Cassette
Case Dimensions: h24cm / d15cm
Fixing Points: End Fix
Remote Control: Yes
Frame Colour Choice: Yes
Available Fabrics: 150 high quality

*depending on size

More Special Brackets
Designing custom brackets for our particular awning models contact Elegant for a solution.
Awning on brackets built into wall cladding
Locating an awning over an obstacle
Dog-legged brackets around a window
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