Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings close away when not required

Folding-arm retractable awnings are the most popular type of modern domestic awnings, extending shade and protection that is fully retractable. When closed away, while not in use, they discreetly occupy a small space on your wall and may include a cassette-casing (or sheltering hood) protecting their fabric roll and motor mechanism from weather.

Retractable folding arms can leave our patio space open - because we didn't want a permanent structure

Unlike a fixed structure, these can provide the benefits of shade & protection whenever desired while still leaving the space open or clear when not required.

Retractable arms
Folding arm
Hidden springs
Cassette casing
Retractable folding arm

Folding Arm Awnings

How do they work?

Each folding arm on retractable awnings is constantly pushing outward, this achieved using high tension springs concealed within each arm, or sometimes external gas pistons above its folding joints. When the fabric roll is allowed to unwind powerful tension in these arms pushes your canopy outward then continues pushing to hold the cover taut.

Did you know?

No direct drive exists between motor and retractable folding arm. Its drive simply rolls or unrolls a fabric tube allowing the awning to extend outward or pulling its retractable arms back in. Therefore quality or longevity of this arm tensioning system plays a major factor in lifespan or performance of retractable awnings, upholding their good looks, wind resistance and taut rain shower protection. View our retractable awnings movie showing two types of folding arm joint working. Also see effects of failed arm tension.

During manufacture it is important that correct tension be given to each folding arm, this depending on your awning width, outward projection size and fabric. Insufficient force will leave a loose canopy, while too much will stretch your fabric causing problems over time. It also matters that both folding retractable arms are tensioned identically, so quality manufacture includes a technician setting this resistance correctly for your individual awning size and textile specification.

At Elegant we have a wealth of experience with retractable awnings, offering a choice of folding arm technologies with well engineered components.

Shade and Protection
• Retractable Starter Models •

E200 Retractable Awnings

Perfect for smaller requirements, or to offer sun shade over house windows, our E200 retractable awnings can span up to 4m wide while achieving an impressive seventy five degree shading angle where required.

Protecting interior home furnishings from sun damage while reducing sun glare inside the house, these retractable awnings can keep adjoining rooms cool helping to lower house temperatures in summer.

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E200 Retractable Awning
Dimension + Specification Awning Widths: 180cm - 400cm
Outward Depths: 150cm - 200cm
Tilt Angle: 5° - 75°
Wind Resistance: Class 2
Fabric Roll Protection: Cassette
Case Dimensions: h22cm / d25cm
Fixing Points: End Fix
Remote Control: Yes
Frame Colours: White, Ivory
Available Fabrics: 150 high quality

E250 Tri0 Retractable Awnings

E250 Trio Retractable Awning

Able to span multiple windows, up to 7m wide, or cover a modest table area extending 2.5m outward, our Trio retractable awnings feature three folding arms on its larger sizes, plus an optional valance to further increase your shade.

Rich in potential, Trio can be coupled to create a quad folding arm awning to a maximum 12m wide, still using a single continuous textile cover if desired (optional extra).

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Dimension + Specification Awning Widths: 240cm - 710cm
Outward Depths: 150cm - 250cm
Tilt Angle: 5° - 53°
Wind Resistance: Class 2
Fabric Roll Protection: Alum Hood
Case Dimensions: h22cm / d29cm
Fixing Points: Multi Fix
Remote Control: Yes
Frame Colours: White, Ivory
Available Fabrics: 150 high quality

Fusion 600 Awning

Suitable for special brackets or for wall fixing, our Fusion electric awnings offer substantial 6m wide shade (with a 2m outward projection) or 2.5m outward reach up to a maxium 5.5m width.

Boasting the same premium built arms as our Moderna awning, featuring chain tension and strong forged joints, Fusion's compact cassette casing (just 15cm deep) fits flush to the wall protecting your fabric and motor.

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Fusion 600 Electric Awning
Dimension + Specification Awning Widths: 250cm - 600cm
Outward Depths: 150cm - 250cm
Tilt Angle: 5° - 25°
Wind Resistance: *Class 3
Fabric Roll Protection: Cassette
Case Dimensions: h24cm / d15cm
Fixing Points: End Fix
Remote Control: Yes
Frame Colour Choice: Yes
Available Fabrics: 150 high quality

*depending on size
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