Patio Awning Heaters

Patio awning heaters using radiant infrared or ceramic technology

Our advanced patio awning heaters can further enhance your outdoor living space helping you sit out into the evenings, enjoying your awning even more. Elegant electric patio awning heaters are instant, clean, and work silently over a long and reliable lifetime.

Taking the chill from cooler times, choose from our more cost effective halogen awning heaters, advanced HeLeN quartz Infra-Red awning heaters, or discrete zero-light Ceramic patio awning heaters.

The remote control heater helps us continue comfortably under our awning after the sun goes down
1.2kW halogen awning heaters for cost effective warmth casting an ambient fire glow light.
High efficiency 2kW radiant quartz awning heaters utilising effective short-wave Infra-Red.
Colour coded 1.5kW awning heaters powder coated matching your awning framework.
Zero light 1.2 or 1.8kW ceramic awning heaters using medium wave Infra-Red technology.
• Heater Features •
Remote operates both awning and heater Remote Control
Superior HeLeN gold tube lamp element
HeLeN Gold
Gold Reflector Technology minimal glare, maximum heat
Gold Reflector
Short wave radiant efficiency up to 96%
Radiant Efficiency

Quartz Electric Patio Awning Heaters

Our most popular electric patio awning heaters use high technology, short-wave, quartz infrared lamp elements. Superior to cheap long-wave lamps, Elegant gold tube HeLeN lamp elements convert over 90% of consumed electric power into infrared heat. These quality awning heaters not only give more heat, they maintain a constant level of output throughout their lifetime.

Elegant quartz patio awning heaters are the perfect choice in open outdoor areas, such as below your patio awning, where other conventional heaters would prove inefficient, costly, or difficult to deploy.

Radiant electric quartz heaters, unlike gas heaters, don't waste money heating empty air. Instead, the focused short-wave infrared goes directly to where it is needed, when it is needed, heating only that area it is directed at. In addition, this type of radiant heating is not affected by air movement, meaning that its heat cannot be blown away.

Design also includes rust-free aluminium construction, a non-glass front allowing more of the heaters energy to be emitted, a focused main reflector and side reflectors, angled louvered safety grill for a wider spread of heating, plus die cast heat sinks aiding internal cooling and further increasing its lamp life.

Quartz heater casting a warm fire glow light Physical and Visual Warmth

Elegant short-wave gold tube lamps give noticeably more heat and efficiency, while casting a warm, ambient, welcoming fire-glow light.

When an Elegant designer visits you, you'll be shown our full range of accessory options in the comfort of your home, choosing the correct awning heaters for your needs.

• Testimonial •
Definitely a well done job and will recommend you to my friends. Mr E. Ferrante

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