Automatic Awnings

Automatic awnings with weather sensors can think for themselves

Automatic awnings with weather sensors can open or close themselves, such as our E200 automatic retractable awnings and E250 automatic patio awnings. Intelligently shading from bright sunshine, or retracting away from high wind, using advanced sensors they can even stand guard in case of rain.

The automatic awnings shade our room furnishings and even close themselves in bad weather
Automatic sun control
Weather Sensors

A combination of motorised operation, and our latest wind, sun or rain sensor technology, upgrades any of our models into fully automatic retractable awnings. At Elegant we offer a range of options that make using your retractable awning both simple and practical, providing automatic shading when needed, alongside a choice of safety wind sensors constantly watching the weather.

Wind Sensors
Motion Sensor
Sun Sensors
Rain Sensor
Options for ever changing weather

Automatic Awnings

What are the benefits?

Offering a shade more luxury, with peace of mind, automatic retractable awnings can help protect home furnishings from summer sun, or protect themselves from gusty conditions, making Elegant automatic awnings the ultimate choice for style, practicality and safety.

Expert advice

When an Elegant designer visits you, you'll be shown our full range of accessory options in the comfort of your home, and have details clearly demonstrated how our automatic technology puts you firmly in control.

• Retractable UV sun protection
• Automatic shade from summer heat
• Save interior home furnishings from sun
• Auto reduce glare in adjoining rooms
• Lowers house temperatures in summer
• Automatic closure from strong wind
• Automatic closure from heavy rain
• Custom made, as individual as you are

Customers also find an automatic awnings movement can help make their empty home look occupied.

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E200 Automatic Awnings

Perfect for smaller requirements, or to offer automatic sun shade to house windows, Elegant E200 automatic retractable awnings can span up to 4m wide while able to achieve an impressive seventy five degree shading angle.

Using a sun sensor to protect interior furnishings from damage while reducing glare inside the house, these compact automatic awnings can keep adjoining rooms cool, helping to lower house temperatures in summer.

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E200 Automatic Awning
Dimension + Specification Awning Widths: 180cm - 400cm
Outward Depths: 150cm - 200cm
Tilt Angle: 5° - 75°
Wind Resistance: Class 2
Fabric Roll Protection: Cassette
Case Dimensions: h22cm / d25cm
Fixing Points:End Fix
Remote Control: Yes
Frame Colours: White, Ivory
Available Fabrics: 150 high quality

E250 Automatic Patio Awnings

E250 Automatic Patio Awning

Able to span multiple windows, up to 7m wide, or cover a patio table area extending 2.5m outward, our E250 automatic patio awnings come equipped with a rotary sun and wind sensor. They feature three retractable folding arms on wider sizes, plus an optional valance to further increase patio shade.

Rich in potential, the E250 can be coupled creating even wider quad folding arm automatic awnings to a maximum 12m width, still using a single continuous textile cover if desired (optional extra).

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Dimension + Specification Awning Widths: 240cm - 710cm
Outward Depths: 150cm - 250cm
Tilt Angle: 5° - 53°
Wind Resistance: Class 2
Fabric Roll Protection: Alum Hood
Case Dimensions: h22cm / d29cm
Fixing Points: Multi Fix
Remote Control: Yes
Frame Colours: White, Ivory
Available Fabrics: 150 high quality

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Elegant's entire patio awnings range can be fitted with sensors for fully automatic operation
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