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Awnings add a new dimension for your home

Elegant Awnings install quality awnings for home & garden owners across 20 UK counties, our awnings extending a covered home living space into your garden. Awnings not only provide important shade, a cool sun-safe area to sit, or for children to play, our awnings can also provide a delightful home living area - making your garden the best room in the house.

Installing garden awnings for home owners since 2004, you can rely on us at Elegant to make any patio an alfresco oasis. We offer a protected space in which to relax, transforming your garden into an outdoor room, with shade from the sun and shelter from rain showers, that ‘on holiday' feeling can be maintained in your garden all year round.

Al fresco dining at home, extra space for entertaining in the garden - its like an outdoor room
Installing garden awnings for home owners since 2004, we make any patio space an alfresco oasis.
Transform your garden into an outdoor room, a protected space in which to relax at home.
Quality awnings for home entertaining and outdoor living, enjoying your garden with style.
• Example Awnings for Home •
E200 Retractable Twin Arm

Perfect for smaller requirements, or to offer sun shade for house windows, our E200 Retractable can span up to 4m wide while achieving an impressive seventy five degree shading angle where required.

Protecting interior home furnishings from sun damage while reducing sun glare inside the house, these retractable awnings can keep adjoining rooms cool helping to lower home temperatures in summer.

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E200 Retractable Twin Arm
Dimension + Specification Awning Widths: 180cm - 400cm
Outward Depths: 150cm - 200cm
Tilt Angle: 5° - 75°
Wind Resistance: Class 2
Fabric Roll Protection: Cassette
Case Dimensions: h22cm / d25cm
Fixing Points:End Fix
Remote Control: Yes
Frame Colours: White, Ivory
Available Fabrics: 150 high quality

Saint-Tropez Awning Saint-Tropez Awning

Our Saint Tropez awning incorporates a high level of engineering making it capable of enormous 4m outward projections. Rubber water seals close its casing tight, including spring-closing side cheeks for its end caps, while further features include drop-forged arm joints for added strength.

Having a timelessly classic oval shaped design suitable for any home, modern or traditional, these truly innovative garden awnings can make a strong, stylish statement.

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Dimension + Specification Awning Widths: 200cm - 650cm
Outward Depths: 150cm - 400cm
Tilt Angle: 5° - 40°
Wind Resistance: Tested to Class 2
Fabric Roll Protection: Cassette
Case Dimensions: h17cm / d27cm
Fixing Points: Multi Fix
Remote Control: Yes
Frame Colours: Yes
Available Fabrics: 150 high quality

Added Home Living Space

Awnings for Home Living Space

How does an awning change being in your garden?

Awnings can instantly extend home living space, creating a covered midway area that is outside, yet protected. They not only offer important sun shade, but can cleverly blur that dividing line between being indoors, and fully outdoors in the garden...

Stand on any open patio and you'll feel exposed, open to all elements. That moment you step outside to your garden you are out in the wide open; sky expanding upward - miles above your head, you've instantly lost all feeling of being roofed, housed, or cordially accommodated.

Now imagine that same patio with an awning installed to the home, properly defining an outdoor living space in your garden. As you step out under its canopy you remain roofed, comfortably protected, still properly accommodated - a feeling as though you are still partly indoors. This is what an awning achieves.

The physical difference is clear; shade & protection, evening micro-climate, but a big surprise can be this psychological difference making your outdoors feel more indoors!

• A defined outdoor living space
• Important UV sun protection
• Cool shade for summer heat & glare
• Shelter from nuisance rain showers
• Save interior home furnishings from sun
• Reduction of glare for adjoining rooms
• Added privacy from overlooking houses
• Lowers home temperatures in summer
• Enjoy time in your garden more than ever
• Al-fresco dining and entertaining space
• Helps extend your summer season
• Plan barbecues without fear for rain
• Fully retractable when not in use
• Custom made, as individual as you are

We think it fair to say this all makes for a splendid host of advantages.
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Getting it right first time

We believe that awnings for home use should be well engineered, strong, safe, aesthetically in keeping to your property, and built using durable components to give lasting years of pleasure. To this end we offer only quality awnings so that you can ensure the very best for your home. Make no mistake, our products are a world apart from cheap DIY offerings where every component is built down to a budget.

My wall doesn't look straightforward, can it be installed?

Homes come in all styles; including bungalows, walls with cladding, single storey extensions, or walls with features such as down pipes or other obstacles. We can install for most any home using a variety of techniques or special awning brackets.

What timescales are involved?

Depending on the season it can take just a few weeks for manufacture to installation.

Who will do the work at my home?

We install from our sign-written vehicles using our own PAYE employed staff, so your home is in safe hands - about us.

Sounds good, do you cover my home town?

See our serviced area that your home is within our region. We keep busy in all areas so calling to see you will be of no trouble at all.

For a house with beams
With architectural features
For wooden cladding
For single storey walls

A Delightful Home Improvement
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With our wider choice, Elegant can supply a perfect awning for any style of home Patio Awnings
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We are so glad we chose Elegant. Your team were fantastic and attention to detail was brilliant. Thank you so much. Mr R. Baines

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