Remote Control Awnings

Remote control awnings using 433Mhz radio technology

Remote control awnings offer state-of-the-art technology adjusting an awnings shade and lights from the comfort of your patio chair by remote control. Nine out of ten customers now find remote control their favoured method of operation, adding further convenience to a motorised awning, and without disturbance to décor running any control wires.

The remote control opens our awning and lets me adjust its shade from the comfort of my patio chair
Sophisticated Remote Control

Using advanced radio electronics, high frequency at 433Mhz, and with rolling code technology, Elegant remote control awnings will not interfere with other home automation and not suffer interference from domestic appliances. Wirelessly operate your patio awning from up 200m away, 20m through walls, with a choice of stylish remote control handsets.

#1 channel remote control
#4 channel remote control
Remote control wall switch
Programmable LCD remote
Remote control awnings
• Remote Control Options •
Single channel remote control Single channel remote control handset for pure simplicity. Easily open, close, or stop part way.
Multi-channel remote control
Multi-channel handset can operate more than one awning or work accessory lights.
A range of remote controls
We have a broad range of remote controls making operation either simple or sophisticated.
Rubberised splashproof remote
Options include our more durable, splashproof, rubberised remote for those busy patio areas.

Remote Control Awnings Q&A

How easy is it to use?

Our single touch operation means that your Elegant awning will fully open at the press of a button - with no need for you standing there, holding down buttons, or waiting to press 'stop' once extended. We program the limits of extension and precise point of closure so you'll only need tap the control once. Truly simple.

What does your "MY" button do?

Elegant awnings can be part-way extended for only partial shade when desired. In this respect the MY button is simply a STOP button. Furthermore, if you regularly use your awning part extended then this position can be programmed as your MY setting for daily press-button convenience.

Is a remote control handset my only option?

No, we can offer a remote control wall switch instead. This contains the same wireless remote control electronics as a handset yet fixes to your wall (inside your house) giving a static point of operation. Battery powered it is wire-free meaning no affect to décor.

Automatic Awnings What about control of any weather sensors?

Wind or motion sensors (where included) are themselves adjusted to precautionary levels not intended to be switched off by remote.

Our light sensors, intended to automatically open an awning during strong sun, will have a special sun sensor remote for switching this feature on or off during sunny seasons. Find out more about our automatic awnings.

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• Testimonial •
Thank you for an 'Elegant' installation. All our expectations were met and so much more. Mrs D. Macleod

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