Awnings with Sides

Awnings with sides can wall an outdoor room

Awnings with sides will block breeze from the sides, increase shade and further define an outdoor room. Side screens can fit to all our patio awnings creating a more enclosed, private, even better protected space in which to relax.

The awning side screens also create a warmer closed evening space on our patio

These awning sides are wall mounted - cassette cartridge screens you manually pull out when desired. Easy to operate you simply pull your screens out to their corresponding latch post while a spring-tension mechanism holds their sides taught.

When not required, these side screens close away into their compact cassette with a spring loaded action. To keep your patio clear their supporting latch post is removable from its ground socket in just moments.

Made to match your awning, using the same robust construction, built from high quality aluminium with our premium-grade outdoor fabrics, Elegant awning side screens offer years of reliable service.

Patio awnings with sides
Elegant awnings with sides have a removable ground socket post, holding the screens taught.
An awning with its side screen in contrasting fabric colour adds design flair to this patio.
With sides you can add privacy, block breeze, shade from the side and define an outdoor room.
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Great workmanship, attention to detail, and the guys were a great pleasure to have on site doing the job. Mrs D. Edwards

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